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How to beat fear of childbirth

At the end of last year, the Royal College of Midwives called for anxiety about childbirth (tokophobia) to become recognised and managed more efficiently.Giving birth is certainly portrayed being a traumatic ordeal through the media, and also the medicalisation of the birth process leaves women feeling powerless and out of control.These feelings of being out of control just fuels fears of giving birth, and stress and fear about the birth can make a difficult birth a self-fulfilling prophesy.It�s no wonder that so many women feel anxious about the birth and would like to take back control by having a Caesarian section – even though this is a serious operation.For some women, the fears about having a baby can be cultivated in to a full blown phobia.Women who have observed a traumatic delivery where they had severe pain or tearing or in which they witnessed their baby in serious distress often cannot face the possibilities of a vaginal birth.Rather than looking forward to the appearance of their baby, they produce a morbid anxiety about pregnancy and the birth process.



Labour wards can feel like �torture chambers� and they feel their only choices to get a Caesarean section.Studies show that in extreme cases, a small amount of women abort their pregnancies as opposed to face the anguish and trauma of childbirth.With fear playing a huge role while pregnant and birth, it’s important to discover ways to relax both in pregnancy and in labor.That is because fear in labor creates tension, which not only slows down the birth process, but additionally makes it more painful. This results in a vicious circle of fear, tension and pain.Hypnobirthing could be a good way to break this cycle. Once you learn to relax in self-hypnosis, your system hop on with doing what it really must do naturally, and the result’s an even more empowering and much easier birth experience.A fantastic hypnobirth strategy is the birth rehearsal visualisation. This enables you to imagine your labor going really well, also it removes worries of the unknown.Hypnobirthing techniques require practice to get the greatest results, so it�s better to start as quickly as possible. That said, some ladies who are naturally great at visualising can perform achievement with just a few days preparation, so it�s never to late to use hypnobirthing.